…Or a nap.

But yesterday’s bagel are true! First time ever and I got to say they turned out amazing.

I was inspired to try after a weekend getaway to Jackson Hot Springs. We were exploring the surrounding area and landed in Wisdom. Hungry, we got word that bar and grill in town had breakfast sandwiches on homemade bagels. They were pretty damned tasty.

After getting home I had bagels on the brain so I took the the trusty Pintrest to find out how hard homemade bagels would be. I found this recipe on Natural Chow that looked pretty doable and I had all the ingredients on hand.



I was a little apprehensive because I’ve had little luck with ever getting dough to rise right. Some say warm water, some say hot water but not too hot, I never really knew what was right. In this recipe she said 110 degree water for getting the yeast active. I took her on her word and check the temp of my water before getting started!

The end results are:

  • My dough rose perfectly!!
  • I wouldn’t attempt making bagels without a KitchenAid and a dough hook (you’ve got to knead for 10-15 minutes).
  • Bagels really are NOT hard to make. Truth. I mean it. No single step was complicated it’s just an over all long process, nearly 3 hours start to eating. But of that 3 hours you’re maybe working and paying attention for 20 minutes.
  • I will make them again!


What is you favorite bagel flavor and cream cheese combo (or any kind of topping)?

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